Health Reform Program.

The HRP designs practical solutions to health care problems—solutions that address the needs of all parties.

United States Health Reform (USHR)

The program’s work on US health reform addresses patients’ inability to afford needed prescription drugs; the disproportionate closing of hospitals in minority and lower-income communities; and methods of winning affordable health care for all.

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Access and Affordability Monitoring Project (AAMP)

The AAMP tackles coverage, cost, and caregiver survival problems in Massachusetts.

Recent Releases

Program Contact

Alan Sager, PhD
Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management
Director, Health Reform Program

Phone: 617-638-4664

Unless otherwise noted, all of the reports and talks posted on the HRP web site through June of 2012 were written by Alan Sager and Debbie Socolar.  Debbie served as a director of the Health Reform Program and of its predecessor, the Access and Affordability Monitoring Program, from their inceptions through June of 2012.

These reports represent the views of the authors and do not represent the view of Boston University.