Research & Scholarship

Today’s most relevant health care issues are being addressed by ongoing faculty research. Faculty examine a broad range of challenges in the American health care system and introduce fresh approaches by drawing on diverse backgrounds, including social sciences, medicine, economics, business, and policy. Collaboration with affiliated research centers provides access to further resources and expertise.

Health policy & management, health economics, health outcomes measurement, and health reform are the department’s main areas of research. For the most up-to-date research activity, please view the presentations and the most recent publications by our HLPM faculty, listed below.

Recent Publications, Awards, Scholarship


Wendy Mariner & George Annas, A Culture of Health and Human Rights, 35(11) Health Affairs 1999-2004 (Nov. 2016);

(This article was covered in SPH News on November 10, 2016:

The Center for Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights is sub-contracting to JBS International in an application to SAMHSA for a 5-year IDIQ contract (submitted December  2, 2016) to evaluate the feasibility of new ways to integrate behavioral health (including substance abuse) services with primary care and develop policy recommendations to implement successful approaches. Participants in this project include HLPM department faculty members (George Annas, Sally Bachman, Mari-Lynn Drainoni, Rani Elwy, David Jones, Chris Louis, Wendy Mariner, David Rosenbloom and Mike Ulrich) and others (Rich Saitz and Xuan Ziming).

From Individual Faculty:

Maguire EM, Bokhour BG,  Wagner TH, Asch SM, Gifford AL, Gallagher TH, Durfee JM,  Martinello RA, Elwy AR. Evaluating the implementation of a national disclosure policy for large-scale adverse events in an integrated health care system: identification of gaps and successes. BMC Health Serv Res. 2016 Nov 11;16(1):648.[Jour]

Fix GM, Hogan TP, Amante DJ, McInnes DK, Nazi KM, Simon SR. Encouraging Patient Portal Use in the Patient-Centered Medical Home: Three Stakeholder Perspectives. J Med Internet Res. [Original Paper]. 2016;18(11):e308.

Carr PL, Gunn CM, Raj A, Kaplan S, Freund KM. “Recruitment, Promotion and Retention of Women in Academic Medicine: How Institutions Are Addressing Gender Disparities Women’s Health Issues.” Women’s Health Issues. 2016 (in press).

McDonough, J.E.; Jones, D.K. 2016. “The Choices on Health Reform in the US Presidential and Congressional Elections.” JAMA Internal Medicine. 176(11):1595-1596.

Oberlander, J.B.; Jones, D.K.; Spivack, S.; Singer, P.M. 2016. “In the Affordable Care Act’s Shadow: The Fate of the Children’s Health Insurance Program.” Health Affairs. 35(10):1835-1841.

Louis, C., Clark, J., Hillemeier, M., Camacho, FC, Yao, N., and Anderson, R., The Effects of Organization-level Characteristics on Breast Cancer Diagnosis Delays: A Population-based Study. Journal of Rural Health. (In press)