Upcoming Workshop: A Dialogue on Cumulative Impacts in New Bedford

Friday October 24th, 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Downtown New Bedford, MA @ 10th Annual Connecting for Change 2014

BUSRP Reseach Translation and Community Engagement Cores & ACE present

A Dialogue: Cumulative Environmental Health Impacts in New Bedford

Communities have pressed for action to understand, mitigate, and prevent cumulative impacts of multiple stressors, referring to the total harm to human health and environment resulting from combinations of stressors. The regulatory system is not designed to address cumulative impacts. The US Environmental Protection Agency published a document on cumulative risk, intended as a platform for future science and policies, recognizing that, risk assessment decisions must be made “whether or not the methods or data currently exist to adequately analyze or evaluate those aspects of the assessment.” The authors are explicit about the need to make risk-based decisions regardless of the “limitations of current science.” (USEPA 2003) In this workshop we describe the state of the science and practice of cumulative risk assessment and the available decision-making tools and their limitations, using local examples. We will provide access to tools and resources that may be used for assessing cumulative impacts in your communities, and engage workshop participants in the evaluation of these tools with opportunities for development of new tools that can influence policy.

September 30, 2014