Upcoming Event: The Business of Ideas: Urban Agriculture & Collaboration

The BU Alumni Association and College of Arts & Sciences will offer The Business of Ideas: Urban Agriculture & Collaboration, an interesting panel discussion on the emerging field of urban agriculture in Boston and beyond on November 18th at 7 pm. BUSRP RTC Leader Dr. Wendy Heiger-Bernays will serve on the panel.

The Business of Ideas: Urban Agriculture & Collaboration: Our cities are tasked with goals that often compete:  Create jobs and foster successful industry, but make the city “greener” and develop sustainable models for health and wellness.   In a recent reportThe Boston Globe noted the tremendous potential that Boston’s urban farms have in greening our economy – creating jobs and sparking entrepreneurship, cleaning up neglected and abandoned properties, and improving communities.  Just a year ago, The City of Boston passed zoning Article 89, paving the way for new urban farming endeavors to bring communities together and provide access to fresh, healthy foods for all Bostonians.

Join us for a special panel discussion as four BU thought leaders dissect their respective roles in the greening of Boston and the future of urban agriculture in our city.  The discussion will be immediately followed by a coffee and dessert reception.

November 14, 2014