Upcoming Event: Provocative Question Forum: Nanotech and Consumer Products

The Museum of Science, Boston (BUSRP RTC partner) presents:

Provocative Question Forum: Nanotech and Consumer ProductsThursday, March 19 | 7:00 PM | Free
Stain-resistant pants. Odor-proof socks. Anti-bacterial toothpaste. Nanotechnology is addressing some of society’s most pressing problems — energy, clean water, computing, and medicine — and now is moving outside the laboratory to the marketplace. Thousands of consumer products, such as sunscreens, cosmetics, textiles, washing machines, car wax, and adhesive bandages, are already available through nanotechnology. However, unlike medications and nano-materials used in carefully controlled laboratory research studies, these products are largely unregulated.Join us with Sam Lipson of the Cambridge Public Heath Department for this free forum. Share your opinions and recommendations! This program will inform a future component of the Hall of Human Life exhibition at the Museum of Science.

March 10, 2015