Upcoming Event: Chemical Trespassers In Your Indoor Air

BUSRP Research Translation Core has organized and is co-sponsoring The Collaborative on Health & the Environment Partnership Call on Chemical Trespassers In Your Indoor Air. The call on Tuesday February 25, 2014 at 1:00 pm EST will discuss common sources of chlorinated volatile compounds in indoor air generally, and sources via the vapor intrusion pathway specifically, health concerns regarding exposures, research methods for characterizing exposure risk, and regulatory challenges at the state and federal level. The speakers, Madeleine Scammell, DSc of Boston University School of Public Health, Kelly Pennell Phd, PE of University of Kentucky, and Paul Locke, MS of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, will also provide a few examples of vapor intrusion sites. RSVP for the call here!

About the Call:

CHE presents the fourth call in a series featuring the Superfund Research Program

Indoor air quality in homes, workplaces, schools and other buildings may be compromised by vapor intrusion resulting from hazardous material volatilizing into the basement or ground floor of a building. These vapors might come from landfills, hazardous waste sites, leaking underground storage tanks, even drycleaners. The problem of vapor intrusion has been studied for decades, but remains difficult for public health professionals to assess and manage. Early work on this topic was related to radon, a naturally occurring agent whose radioactive nature is the basis of human health risks. Focus has now expanded to intrusion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Depending on subsurface geology, individual building conditions, and even weather conditions, indoor air concentrations of contaminants can vary substantially from day to day across an entire neighborhood. Contaminant concentrations are not only difficult to predict, they are also expensive to measure. Despite the challenges of predicting or characterizing the vapor intrusion problem regulatory agencies are tasked with developing regulations or guidelines to ensure protection of human health.

February 7, 2014