Two new publications from Project 1

Ann Aschengrau (Project 1) recently published two new papers. In a paper titled the “Risk of learning and behavioral disorders following prenatal and early postnatal exposure to tetrachloroethylene (PCE)-contaminated drinking water,” Dr. Aschengrau, recent graduates Patricia Janulewicz and Lisa Gallagher, and Tom Webster (Project 2) found that prenatal and early postnatal exposure to PCE  was not associated with attention deficit, learning, or behavior disorders based on the questionnaire responses and exposure levels in the study population.

In another paper titled an “Evaluation of the Webler-Brown model for estimating tetrachloroethylene exposure from vinyl-lined asbestos cement pipes,” Ann Aschengrau,  recent graduate Lisa Gallagher, Tom Webster (Project 2), and David Ozonoff (Program Director) suggest that the Webler-Brown model used in prior epidemiological studies could be improved with a more accurate characterization of water flow.

June 3, 2008