Second Annual EH Clinic at Malden River Festival 2014

On September 20th, the BUSRP Community Engagement Core (CEC) and partner Alternatives for Community &  Environment (ACE) held its second annual Environmental Health Clinic (EH Clinic,) a drop-in resource for technical assistance. Environmental experts Kate Crawford (BUSRP trainee, Project 4 & RTC), Staci Rubin (ACE attorney), and Komal Basra (RTC & CEC staff) surveyed residents’ environmental health concerns and addressed questions from community members. The EH Clinic provided fact and resource sheets to visitors as well as demonstrated the use of a photoionization detector (PID), a device that measures volatile organic compounds, and a noise dosimeter.


Kate Crawford, BUSRP Trainee; Community member

EH Clinic Malden 2014 pic 2

Staci Rubin and John Walkey, ACE; Komal Basra BUSRP


September 22, 2014