Research Translation in Eastham, Massachusetts: Contamination of Private Drinking Water Wells with 1,4-Dioxane

Recent identification of the contamination of private drinking water wells by 1, 4- dioxane in Eastham, Massachusetts, has resulted in an extensive monitoring program coordinated by the Town of Eastham Board of Health (BOH). The Town of Eastham is one of the last towns in Massachusetts without a municipal drinking water supply. USEPA Region 1 is actively involved in the collection of drinking water well samples and Massachusetts DEP oversees the town’s investigation of the source(s) of the contamination. A major source of 1,4 dioxane is the municipal landfill. The BUSRP is actively engaged in risk communication with multiple stakeholders, including residents, the BOH agent and consultants, and MassDEP. BUSRP RTC staff also created a fact sheet for residents, which is being disseminated by our agency partners. Moving forward, the BUSRP team will participate in multiple risk communication efforts.

July 24, 2013