CHE call on SRP Contaminants and Reproduction

The BUSRP in partnership with the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), a new BUSRP Research Translation Core partner, is organizing a series of three working group calls featuring research by investigators associated with Superfund Research Programs across the country.  The first in the series, “Superfund Contaminants and Reproduction” took place on Thursday February 7, 2013.  The call featured presentations on PCBs and mercury exposure by Dr. Susan Korrick of the Harvard School of Public Health, tetrachloroethylene (PCE) in drinking water by Dr. Ann Aschengrau of the BUSRP (project 1), and the endocrine disruptive properties of the antimicrobial triclocarban by Dr. Bill Lasley of the UC Davis SRP.  The call was moderated by Karin Russ, National Coordinator, CHE Fertility and Reproductive Health Working Group, and Dr. Madeleine Scammell, Director of the Research Translation and Community Engagement Cores of the Boston University Superfund Research Program.

An mp3 of the call and the powerpoint presentations of all three presenters can be downloaded at CHE’s website.

February 8, 2013