CEC and RTC Leaders meet with community surrounding New Bedford Harbor

CzwrNS4WIAAMoe9-350In December, Core Leaders Madeleine Scammell (CEC) and Wendy Heiger-Bernays (RTC) presented at a meeting with residents of the New Bedford Harbor area Superfund site to share the final round of results from our PCB air monitoring study. SRP trainee Katie Tomsho worked with Drs. Scammell and Heiger-Bernays to present and explain the results. The meeting was co-hosted by Community Engagement Core partner Toxics Action Center.

The study, supported by NIEHS supplemental funding, has engaged residents in monitoring PCBs in response to community concerns about airborne exposure from the Superfund site. Research has been conducted in partnership with Drs. Keri Hornbuckle and Andres Martinez of University of Iowa SRP (ISRP) and has complemented the monitoring of US EPA Region 1 and Massachusetts DEP, with whom researchers have met to share data and discuss analyses.

During the community meeting, BUSRP guided residents who have hosted monitors at their homes through their personalized data and helped interpret the results, showing how each person’s PCB ambient air measurements compares with the EPA’s guidelines. Toxics Action Center led a discussion on opportunities for residents to use the data to organize for a safer and healthier environment.

Researchers are using the four rounds of data collected to perform a human health risk assessment and will report back to community members in the coming months.

December 16, 2016