BUSRP and Iowa SRP discuss air quality monitoring with EPA and MassDEP

In April, BUSRP and our colleagues at Iowa Superfund Research Program (ISRP) met with officials from MassDEP and EPA Region 1 to discuss our air quality monitoring work in areas surrounding the New Bedford Harbor. In 2015, BUSRP and ISRP won supplemental funding to study the air quality in neighborhoods adjacent to the harbor in response to residents’ concerns that the EPA’s cleanup of PCB-contaminated sediment could cause the toxics to become airborne. Now, we’re working with EPA and MassDEP to strengthen our collaborative efforts.

Our work has been designed to complement EPA’s own air quality monitoring projects by locating sampling sites in socially important areas of residents’ interest. BUSRP discussed the community process for identifying these sites and ISRP explained the sample collection and analysis methods along with a presentation of the raw data from the first three rounds of collection. We shared our plans for analysis and dissemination of the data.

EPA and MassDEP are key partners in this effort. EPA shared the methods used to analyze the relationship between the measured PCB concentrations in the harbor sediment and water. Together, we discussed what data and resources EPA and MassDEP can share with ISRP to assist with the modeling process and get the best results.

April 29, 2016

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