BUSRP Highlights from the 2015 SRP Annual Meeting

Thank you Northeastern for all your hard work and hosting a wonderful meeting!


Project 2 Leader Veronica Vieira participated in the career panel during the Training Core Meeting.


Bioinformatics trainee Amy Li presented during first scientific session: SRP Big data and data science applications


RTC staff and trainee Katie Tomsho and Grants Manager Jessica Ehinger present the RTC/CEC poster during the first poster session.


BUSRP staff Komal Basra, trainee James Watt, trainee Kate Crawford, RTC Leader Wendy Heiger-Bernays, and Project 4 investigator Neel Aluru during the first poster session.


Trainee Kate Crawford presents her poster alongside mentor RTC Leader Wendy Heiger-Bernays during the first poster session.


BUSRP staff and trainee Komal Basra presents her poster during the second poster session.


Trainee James Watt speaking during mixtures session on generalized concentration addition models