BUSRP at ISEE 2014

BUSRP Presentations

Spatial Analysis of ADHD-Related Behaviors and Exposures near the New Bedford Harbor Superfund Site. Veronica Vieira, Thomas Webster, Susan Korrick (Project 2)

Epidemiologic Analysis of the Effect of Mixtures: Application of a New Method to a Study of Organochlorines and ADHD.
Thomas Webster, Verónica Vieira, Susan Korrick (Project 2)

Spatial Analysis of Birth Defects in Massachusetts to Investigate Social and Environmental Risk Factors.
Mariam Girguis, Scott Bartell, Verónica Vieira (Project 2 trainee)

Sessions chaired by BUSRP

Veronica Vieira (Project 2) is chairing the Spatial Analytic Methods session and co-chairing Plenary Session 4.

Ann Aschengrau (Project 1) is co-chairing the Water Contaminants: Arsenic, DBPs and Nitrates session. Lisa Gallagher who will be joining BU next month and working on Project 1 will be co-chairing the session with Aschengrau.

August 22, 2014