Ann Aschengrau profiled on BU Research

Ann Aschengrau (Project 1) was profiled on BU Research in “Toxic Legacy: How Cape Cod drinking water shaped the career of epidemiologist Ann Aschengrau.” Written by Barbara Moran, Senior Science Writer at BU, the piece spans the history of Dr. Aschengrau’s work on PCE and water quality on Cape Cod, Mass., from its beginnings at a contentious public meeting to new research questions of today.

“Over 25 years, Aschengrau has continued to make remarkable observations about the relationship between PCE—a common but little-studied groundwater contaminant—and not only cancer, but also effects as diverse as illicit drug use, bipolar disorder, and diminished color vision,” writes Moran. “The research, funded largely by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, has helped establish Aschengrau as one of the leading environmental epidemiologists in the world, while building a body of knowledge about PCE.”

Lisa Gallagher (Project 1) and Deputy Director David Ozonoff are also quoted.

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September 6, 2016

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