Ann Aschengrau gives two talks on contaminated drinking water

This spring, Ann Aschengrau (Project 1) presented two talks on her research to educate public health professionals across the state on the dangers of PCE contaminated drinking water.

The Massachusetts Health Officers Association (MHOA) supports the staff of local health departments by bringing members together to share experience and learn from trainings and educational programs. Dr. Aschengrau gave a talk at the March convening of MHOA entitled “Neurotoxic Effects of Early Life Exposure to Tetrachloroethylene-contaminated Drinking Water.”

The Cape and Islands Health Agents Coalition is a regional public health coalition that shares resources, information and trainings to enhance agencies’ work for public health throughout the region. In April, Dr. Aschengrau presented her research to the coalition in a talk called “Toxic Legacy: The Story of PCE-Contaminated Drinking Water on Cape Cod.”

Learn more about Dr. Aschengrau’s research and her work on Cape Cod.

May 2, 2017