L. Adrienne Cupples Award.

L. Adrienne Cupples Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Service in Biostatistics

Purpose of the Award

This annual award recognizes a biostatistician whose academic achievements reflect the contributions to teaching, research, and service exemplified by Professor L. Adrienne Cupples.  Dr. Cupples joined the faculty at the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) in 1981 and later served as founding Chair of the Department of Biostatistics and Co-Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Biostatistics. During her tenure at BUSPH, she advanced the field of biostatistics through extensive publications in major journals and book chapters on collaborative and methodological research, development and effective teaching of a wide range of biostatistics courses, and mentorship of numerous graduate students and faculty.

Eligibility and Nominations

To be eligible, the nominee must be an internationally recognized statistician/biostatistician who had made significant contributions to the statistical sciences through teaching, research, and service, and who will be willing to deliver a lecture at the award ceremony held in the Department of Biostatistics at Boston University School of Public Health on April 6th, 2023.

Nomination Guidelines

Nomination letters should include:

  • Nominee’s name and contact information
  • Nominator’s name, title, affiliation and contact information
  • Rationale for the nomination

One nomination letter is required and up to 2 additional letters of support may be submitted.  Each letter should not exceed 2 pages in length and must be from a single individual.

Nomination packets must include the nominee’s curriculum vitae.

Nominations may be made by faculty, collaborators, students, or staff familiar with the work of the nominee.

Nominations will be accepted through November 15th, 2022 and the winner will be notified by December 1st, 2022.

Please send nominations via email to Clara Pereira (claraper@bu.edu).

Selection Criteria

Criteria for the award include, but are not limited to, excellence in the following areas:

  • Biostatistics education (teaching, curriculum design, course development)
  • Collaborative or methodological biostatistical research
  • Service to the profession
  • Student and faculty mentoring

Award Selection Committee

The Award Selection Committee will be comprised of eight members, six members of the faculty of the Boston University Department of Biostatistics representing varying areas of expertise and faculty rank and two student members currently enrolled in the graduate program in Biostatistics at Boston University.


Winners of the award will receive a $1000 honorarium, and all expenses to attend and present at the Boston University Department of Biostatistics at an Annual Award Day, generally held on the first Thursday in April. Faculty, staff and students interested in biostatistics from the Boston area will be invited to the presentation given by the Cupples’ Award recipient.

Past Winners

2022: Michael J. Daniels 

2021: Xihong Lin
2020: Bhramar Mukherjee
2019: Stanley Lemeshow
2018: Nicholas P. Jewell
2017: Janet Sinsheimer
2016: Mark van der Laan
2015: Sharon-Lise Normand
2014: David DeMets
2013: Ellen Wijsman
2012: Adrienne Cupples