Toxic Exposures Caused Illness in Gulf War Veterans

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cortex-coverTwenty-five years after 700,000 US troops fought and won the first Gulf War with remarkably low casualties, research “clearly and consistently” shows that exposure to pesticides and other toxins caused Gulf War Illness, a complex and debilitating disorder that affects as many as 250,000 of those deployed, according to a new report led by a School of Public Health researcher.

In a special issue of the journal Cortex that coincides with the 25th anniversary of the war, Roberta White, professor of environmental health, and colleagues from a dozen other institutions comprehensively review studies on Gulf War Illness (GWI), especially those since 2008. They conclude that exposure to pesticides and ingestion of pyridostigmine bromide (PB)—prophylactic pills intended to protect troops against the effects of possible nerve gas—are “causally associated with GWI and the neurological dysfunction in Gulf War veterans.”

The research team also cites multiple studies showing a link between veterans’ neurological problems and exposure to the nerve-gas agents sarin and cyclosarin, as well as to oil well fire emissions.

These “toxic wounds” resulted in damage to veterans’ nervous systems and immune systems, including neuroendocrine and immune dysregulation, autonomic nervous system irregularities, and reduced white and gray matter in veterans’ brains, the review says.

White and colleagues have been studying the health of troops deployed in the 1991 Gulf War for more than 20 years to determine why so many of them suffer from a multi-system disorder characterized by fatigue, joint and muscle pain, headaches, concentration and memory problems, gastrointestinal distress, and skin rashes.

They note that effective treatments for the illness have been elusive, but that a recent treatment research effort has begun to produce promising leads.

“Further research into the mechanisms and etiology of the health problems of [Gulf War] veterans is critical to developing biomarkers of exposure and illness, and preventing similar problems for military personnel in future deployments. This information is also critical for developing new treatments for GWI and related neurological dysfunction,” they write.

In 2008, a congressionally mandated panel directed by White—the Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses—issued a landmark report concluding that Gulf War Illness was a “real” disorder, distinct from stress-related syndromes, and urging a robust research effort into its causes and potential cures. Gulf War veterans have complained for years that the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has not taken the illness seriously.

In terms of toxic exposures, the authors note, six out of seven research studies have found “significant associations between self-reported pesticide exposure and GWI.” Similarly, ingestion of PB pills dispensed by the military has been “consistently linked to ill health in GW veteran populations.”

James Binns, a co-author of the report and former chairman of the Research Advisory Committee, equated the main causes of GWI to “friendly fire.”

“We did it to ourselves,” Binns said. “Pesticides, PB, nerve gas released by destroying Iraqi facilities—all are cases of friendly fire. That may explain why government and military leaders have been so reluctant to acknowledge what happened, just as they tried to cover up Agent Orange after Vietnam. Certainly, the government should have been facing the problem honestly and doing research from the start to identify diagnostic tests and treatments.”

In the report, the research team notes that in addition to veterans suffering from GWI, other deployed troops from the first Gulf War report a variety of neurological disorders, either in conjunction with GWI or as separate ailments. Studies have found that deployed troops suffer a higher incidence of stroke, brain cancer, and ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) compared to non-deployed veterans. The VA’s own study, published in 2009, found that deployed veterans were diagnosed with seizures, stroke, and neuralgia at higher rates than non-deployed service members.

Other studies have found excess rates of brain structure alterations and brain cancer deaths among veterans who had the greatest exposure to nerve agents or oil fire smoke.

The report makes clear that psychiatric problems “have been ruled out” as a cause of Gulf War Illness, noting that Gulf War veterans have lower rates of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychiatric disorders than their counterparts who served in other wars.

The research team says that a number of studies using diagnostic imaging and EEG probes have identified “structural and electrical abnormalities” in the central nervous systems of deployed troops with GWI. Fourteen of 15 papers published since 2008 support that conclusion, the report says.

White and colleagues say that overall, the research to date supports the conclusion that veterans are suffering from a “persistent pathology due to chemical intoxication.” They say further research into GWI could benefit other occupational groups, such as farmers and insecticide applicators, who have similar exposures.

White said she is hopeful that new research efforts will lead to effective treatments, especially as veterans age and are at increased risk of neuro-degenerative diseases.

“It is critical that we develop treatments that will improve or at least stabilize these neurologic conditions,” she said.

Co-authors on the study include Kimberly Sullivan, a research assistant professor in environmental health who is the principal investigator on a large, multi-site Gulf War Illness Consortium study that is designed to determine the pathobiology of GWI. Sullivan and other SPH researchers also are involved in several other trials, including using intranasal insulin to treat cognitive problems in veterans with GWI and an imaging study of neuro-inflammation in veterans.

Other co-authors include: Lea Steele of Baylor University Institute of Biomedical Studies; James O’Callaghan of the Health Effects Laboratory Division, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Beatrice Golomb of the University of California, San Diego; Floyd Bloom of The Scripps Research Institute; James Bunker of the National Gulf War Resource Center; Fiona Crawford of the Roskamp Institute; Joel Graves, retired U.S. Army captain; Anthony Hardie of Veterans for Common Sense; Nancy Klimas of the Institute for Neuro-Immune Medicine, Nova Southeastern University; Marguerite Knox of McEntire Joint National Guard Base; William Meggs of the Brody School of Medicine, East Carolina University School of Medicine; Jack Melling of the U.S. Government Accountability Office; Martin Philbert of the School of Public Health, Ann Arbor; and Rachel Grashow of Northeastern University.

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  1. British troops firmly believe it was the cocktail of inoculations they gave us in 1991 and again in 1994 that caused what seems to be a neurological disorder. The British government refuses to recognise this but I believe the French government have stated they would subsidise whatever medical care their veterans would need. The British and French troops I served with during this period all seem to believe that the jabs were given to us without anyone considering the effects.

    1. The French never received and vaccines or took NAPS Tablets John, which is why they have no recorded cases of GWS/GWI, so I’m guessing that’s why the French would be quick to subsidise any treatment.

      1. UK and US were the ONLY developed countries in Desert Storm STILL vaccinating their troops. And I asked “why??????” When we knew our immune systems, overloaded with up to 15 military-grade vaccines that fit into a vaccine gun, would crater in 6 to 8 weeks after deploying to the most toxic / bio-weapons battlefield in history — just recently ended after a decade between Iran / Iraq. Russia supplied bio-weapons / Depleted Uranium-filled bomb and bullets to Iran. U.S. ditto to Iraq. Russia packed DU in missiles beginning 1972. U.S. played catch-up beginning 1985, when first U.S. troops serving in Middle East dropped out 100% retired for disabilities ranging from radiation poisoning to bio-weapons infected pneumonia / asthma. Sometime between 1920s (post-WWI) and 1950s (Korean War) numerous military, including Korea’s stopped vaccinations because death toll was 10,000s or so. More troops died from vaccine-derived heart attacks than died from war. We have known since mid-1800s that vaccines cause heart disease. Until “decade of denials” had passed, hospital ERs learned that female EKGs change only during heart attack. So many women learned that they suffered “silent heart attacks” instead of “muscle strain in left shoulder”, “nerve damage” or “numbness” in chest, left shoulder blade, neck, or jaw . Also more than a decade later, a Gulf War female veteran suffered her heart attack at a hospital ER, when U.S. hospital trauma teams learned that female’s EKGs change during the heart attack and revert back after the fact. Women suffer very different symptoms than men before /during heart attacks. Top 2 signs of women’s heart disease are 1.) “unusual fatigue”, especially when already suffering “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” or its subset “Gulf War Illness”, and 2.) shortness of breath without exertion. A third or subsequent symptoms are also signs of heart attack rather than heart disease: 3.) “Flu-like symptoms” or 4.) sudden immune system triggers that make her feel like crawling back into bed, where she will surely die. I know all this because I never deployed to the Persian Gulf due to Hep B “cocktail” vaccines while I was 10 pounds too light to receive vaccines. Hep B vaccines injure slender, active builds much more often than obese or over-weight vaccine recipients. I immediately developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which did not have ICD9 code or CDC definition until 4 years later in 1994. Gulf War Illness gained popularity among civilian community a decade after VA / military trashed the term “Gulf War Syndrome” by squandered millions of Congressional allocations on bogus “stress”, falsified medical records with “PTSD”, “depression and nightmares”, “anxiety and night terrors”. I developed vaccine-derived heart disease to such degree that I could never run again. The night before, I ran 2-1/2 miles in 25 minutes. I discovered that I ran faster on the track than on asphalt pavement at home. Part of my heart disease is caused by chronic CMV, a virus from green African monkey whose kidneys are used to culture vaccines. The rest of my heart disease is “too many military-grade vaccines administered too close together” even before 2 years had passed when only “boosters” were required for deployment. I was the only female in that vaccine line. I believe the low supply of Hep B would have expended, had my chain of command honored my request to postpone vaccines for two more weeks, when I might have regained part of 10 pounds I had just recently lost due to hospitalization. And when contaminated “protective masks”, military equipment / tanks / aircraft returned to Texas from the Persian Gulf, I asked “WHY???? Our general Standing Orders were to decon equipment before shipping back home or TO LEAVE IT BEHIND!!!!” If you find an answer to that one, let me know. And yes, I grew much, much sicker inside Army Engineers office with windows wide open for unusually warm month of March 1991, just 10 yards from blacktop where dusty, bloody tanks “tracked” from railhead to “carwash”. Every spring morning, we wiped 1/8-inch of radioactive DU with bio-weaponized “desert” talcum powder off of our computers / desks / miniblines without gloves or paper masks or respirators.

    2. Yes. My nephew has been effected. Deny. Deny. Deny. But this research can go a long way to righting some wrongs. God bless you all.

    3. I will give a general explanation if this so called military, dod identifier as gulf war illness that equates to gulf war syndrome.

      It is not a neurological disorder per se affecting these soldiers, at first, but a metabolic syndrome or disorder or even hepatic syndromes which leads to damages in the electron transport cycle and the TCA causing symptomatic fatigue in the brain NOT IN THE BODY with sleep disturbances and secondary physical exhaustion. These vacciness AND Propylactis like P-bromide are filtered by the liver,kidneys, and “GUT”….thereby THE 1st showing signs are fatigue, dizzineess, lightheadness that occur immediately or witnin a few weeks depending on the individual health of that soldier after being innoculated and/or ingestion.

      The liver becomes overwhelmed and doesnt have enoug time to detoxicate thereby causing damges to the enzyne detoxifer in the liver and glucoronic acid to help elminate future neurotxins. And by solders continually eating “neurotoxic prepacked food additives” ìt overwhelms the immune system at that time in the southwest theater of operations DMZ who were known to take cetain vacciness or especially preventative propylatics that would have shown in the actice duty military medical records signs of vomitting or dehydration as secondary effects from toxicities, respextively. However, the second theory is that there could have been a bad batch of vaccines or propylactis causing problems to certain soldiers. And the neurotoxic food additives from military prepackaged foods could have significantly added to the effects of what i deem that should be called as “GULF WAR MITOCHONDRIAL SYNDROME OR DIORDER.

      Because if these receioents of the vaccines and P-btomide did or could not detoxicate these residuals in the vaccines or propylactics there could permanent damages or dysfunctions to the mitochondrials at the 1, 2, 3 4 levels causing subsequently a mild form of metabolic encephalopathy or and hepatic encaphlopathy. Any military personnel showing in their military records showing significant abnormal blood test from 1990-1991 would have most likely showed signs of fatigue, depression, altered personality states along with other gastroinestinal disturbances whereby it affected their occupational performances. These are signficant clues from active duty military records.

      But if one had truly had vaccination or P-Bromide allergic reactions…it would have would also shown from the getgo vaccinations from initial military entrance for active duty vaccinations and there should military medical records documentation showing this or some signs of this.

      And the location of these vacciness is where most incidental problems occur, like the arm-shoulder..and gluteus-lower bakc region region…closer the shot to the lower back..more likely back and spinal problems.

      The liver becomes overwhelmed and doesnt have enough time to detoxicate thereby causing possbily damges to the enzyne detoxifer in the liver and glucoronic acid to help elminate current or future neurotxins. And if this is the case these types of veterans would show chemical sensitivity and signficant interolanxe to many or all types of pharmaceutical grade medications, inculding steroids. And most importantly they would even become absolutely intolerant to alcohol consumption. And solders who had continually eaten “neurotoxic food additives” from bulk prepackages were overwhelmed biochemically at that time in the southwest theater of operations DMZ that took cetain vacciness or especially preventative propylatics would have shown signs and symptoms in their actice duty military medical records of vomitting or dehydration as secondary effects from these neurotoxic effects, respextively.

      However, the seocnd theory is that there could have been a bad batch of vaccines or propylactis. And the neurotoxic food additives from military prepackaged foods could have “”significantly”” added to the effects of what i deem that should be called as “GULF WAR MITOCHONDRIAL SYNDROME OR Gulf war neurotxic syndromes. Which leads to numerous secondary biological disease and disorders.

      Because if these receioents of the vaccines and P-btomide did or could not detoxicate these residuals in the vaccines or propylactics there could a permanent damages to the mitochondrials causing subsequently a form of metabolic encephalopathy or and hepatic encaphlopathy. Anyone military personnel showing in their military records showing significant abnormal blood test from 1990-1991 would have most likely showed signs of fatigue, depression, altered personality states along with other gastroinestinal disturbances whereby it affected their occupational performances.

      And the location of these vacciness is where most incidental problems occur, like the arm-shoulder..and gluteus-lower bakc region region…closer the shot to the lower back..more likely back and spinal problems.

  2. To all of the physicians whom has put his/her time into studying the Gulf War Environmental Issue, we thank you for all that you have done.

    Some of the Veteran Hospital administrators are denying and has denied many foreign war veterans his/her claims. Now we have proof that there was some type of chemical in which service man/ service woman was exposed to while fighting the Gulf War.

    Spec list Ross
    822 MP Co.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We were ordered as a unit to assemble in formation and told to take the PB tablets. We were given multiple vaccines and our Chem tape changed color on multiple missions. I was also there for the oil fires and the barrack scud attack. I have had seizures since I got back, PTSD and extreme Gerd and ulcers along with tinnitus from working on the flight line non stop for months. Why the VA continually denies my GWS is beyond me.

    1. The answer to your question Andreas Hasse “why the VA continually denies your GWS” is quietly simply $$$ and criminal convictions of D.O.D. personnel for violations of the Nuremburg Code (informed consent). I’ve been suffering with it too. Getting gradually worse over the past 26 years. The best of luck to all of those here affected one way or another. As long as you still breathe, stay on them.

    2. Yes, we were also exposed to depleted uranium and the malaria shot, among other poisonous chemicals that were released into the air and that we breathed in. I got tinnitus on both of my ears and constantly experience fatigue, mental confusion, short term memory, IBS, facial skin rushes, etc. The VA is prompt to deny everything, and when evidence is gathered, the VA just put us veterans on the hamster’s wheel for years and years. I hope that president Trump will do something fast to drain the swamp at the VA so that compensations start to flow down to us veterans. Good luck to everyone!

  4. As a former British veteran of the gulf war and a sufferer of the gulf war illness, I have found by carrying out small amounts of research via various Doctors, Scientists and conglomerate of specialists dealing with current research the key to this is organophosphates, which were used daily in the fight agains black fly and other pests, similar health problems have been seen in farmers and pest controls in the past .

    The mixture of injections given to the British service personnel, and the organophosphates used in, tented accommodation and cooking areas, to try and deter pests, has fashioned itself to be a bane of various illness, the list being unexaustable as meny of the veterans get older.

    Exposure of this level of organophosphates and injections all within a short period of time, has shown clinicians dealing with the veterans problems that the only plausible cause has come for a mixture of both, however trying to get the British government to move on the research has been a futile course.

  5. I was a frontline troop usmc light armored infantry unit we spent 48 hours in gas mask during the battle of kafghi
    after cease fire they put us 600 yards away from oil fire where we stayed for 3 months upon return I developed severe migraines and chronic diarhea. Today my diet is very restricted I cant tolerate too many foods without stomach problems. my migraines lasted till about 6yrs ago.

  6. The family and friends of a Gulf War veteran are suffering his recent suicide. He was hospitalized for several weeks and his symptoms did not subside, his act was out of desperation to stop his suffering. We live in a rural community and resources are not available to these veterans, physicians do not know how to treat this. I pray that answers are found and provided to our communities so that others don’t suffer as his family and friends are.

  7. It’s funny how they can’t explain to you what is wrong and what is causing the symptoms but they deny all claims with the explanation of “not service related” yet I don’t know anyone or heard of anyone that was not in the military and not deployed that has these same symptoms.

  8. GOA report from 2017 shows just how bad the VBA has denied Gulf War Vets claims. National Average is 82% denial rate. Atlanta GA denies 95%. Yes that means only 5% get granted a deniability claim as a Gulf War Veteran. Go read the report its on the Government Office of Accountability website.

    Contact your congressman and senators. Send them a letter stating where they can get a copy. I know of two Representatives that knew absolutely nothing about the report and could not believe those were real numbers until they read the report.

    This study hopefully will bring forward more information in the future.

    Keep up the good work research team.

  9. I too served in the Persian gulf war 1990-1991. The Northeast region of the country is as bad as anywhere else! Denial, Denial, Denial! You go to the VA and see doctors that are not specialist in the area your suffering and then also get told not service connected. No one has answers but the problems never go away! How do you explain authorizing a condition and naming it “undiagnosed” and still tell someone that it doesn’t exist. We followed our chain of command orders, took the PB pills when told, attempted to remain in service following deployments, and when a grateful nation turns it back on you is sad! We are the voices of this problem! A doctor that works for the VA is told to deny! This is authorized by our elected officials! Yes, elected officials! A professional athlete gets hurt on Sunday and is seen on Monday for medical evaluation (MRI, etc). You serve and get told it’s not what you think it is! Crazy! No knock to professional programs but we are treated as expendable! Shame! One day the truth will prevail! God Bless you all!

  10. Today, my brother in law, Gulf war veteran Brian Morris who served in the 3rd Armored Division passed in the hospital in Vancouver, Wa. Since his return home he had suffered constant medical problems and two strokes which the second one today left him brain dead. RIP Brian. You will not be forgotten!

  11. i came across this site while trying to amass information before i see an appeal judge tomorrow. i filed an appeal 6 years ago and only after i hired a veteran service legal advisor team did suddenly the va appear out of nowhere and insist on doing the appeal NOW! i think it was so the legal team i hired would have less time to prepare. a vso representative was notified this morning she was going to help me. she called and knew nothing about my case. i filled her in the best i could. she kept asking for a nexus, which is a physician statement that they feel it is likely as not that the illness came from your time in iraq. good luck finding one of those unless you are sleeping with them! she is planning on assisting me tomorrow by videoconference! i will be in shreveport, she will be in new orleans! we all have the same diagnoses- ibs, fibromyalgia, ptsd, hypertension, dm2, osteoarthritis, erectile dysfunction, tinnitus, gastritis, duodenitis, esophagitis. did i hit on your symptoms? the va has spent millions covering up the fact we were sent into a toxic sludge but before they sent us, they filled us up with a toxic sludge. numerous vaccines, pyridostigmine bromide, antrax vaccines and then send us into area filled with soman, sarin, cyclosarin, oil fires, depleted uranium . i was proud to serve my country and i have no regrets about that but i hate being screwed over by the va!!!!!!

  12. A fortnight ago I was rushed into hospital with a severe intestine infection, however for years I have suffered with stomach complaints, among other conditions. A wake up call for me personally.
    What has shocked me within the last seven days two of my friends, Gulf War veterans themselves have passed away, I now feel paranoid and concerned that there really is an illness, and being covered up.

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