Computing Clubs

Student clubs provide extensive opportunities for students to learn news skills, gain experience, and create community. BU Spark! supports these clubs on behalf of the Hariri Institute, Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments at BU. All clubs listed below are part of the Spark! Ignite Leadership Council, for more information contact Spark! at

Boston Drone Racing

Boston Drone Racing is a first-person view (FPV) UAV racing club founded in 2017 at Boston University. This club was initially created to find other pilots and expose others to this very addicting sport. The club is currently focused around racing in the tiny whoop and micro classes due to the limited space available to them in the city. 


BU AR/VR is a student-run organization dedicated to introducing augmented reality and virtual reality technologies to the community around us. We aim to foster an enthusiastic atmosphere and bring in industrial resources to the Boston University campus. It’s a brand new initiative for students to gain recognition among bigger technology communities in Boston built upon intellectual interest in the cutting-edge AR/VR field.

BU Chinese Students and Scholars Association

BUCSSA is a nonprofit, student-ran organization at Boston University. The focus of the organization is to promote academic and cultural exchanges amongst Chinese students/scholars and with other communities/different cultures too. We hope to enhance the communication, interaction, understanding and friendship within the BU Chinese community, while also providing valuable work experience to our members.



BUILDS is a student-run hackerspace that provides BU students with all the tools and resources for leading collaborative student tech projects. We take the dirt and grit of the world and give it a shine. We’re not led by a single purpose or mission, but we work on projects that are truly interesting to us. We’re a self-motivated, skillful bunch who do what we love because we love it!


Boston University Machine Intelligence Community is an organization focused on providing opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to learn about machine intelligence in a community environment. As a brief history, MIC was founded as a research paper discussion group at MIT in 2016 after being inspired by the AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol match, and was brought to BU in April 2017. We are a student-led research group sponsored by Boston University’s Rafik B. Hariri Institute for Computing and Computational Science and Engineering, BU Software Application and Innovation Lab (SAIL), and BU Spark!

Global App Initiative


Global App Initiative integrates humanity and technology to create a program that trains students to become mobile-app developers for nonprofits. Never losing sight of the bigger picture, we recruit students of all fashions and interests to work towards building a more economically, socially, and environmentally sound world.

Girls Who Code


Girls Who Code holds community clubs for 6th-12th grade girls all over the country. Held at a local school, these clubs provide access to a computer science education that would otherwise be unattainable and undesirable. Girls Who Code clubs place an emphasis on sisterhood, focusing on project-based learning in applicable areas such as music, art, and machine learning. Clubs empower young girls and promote a network of future leaders. Clubs follow a curriculum provided by the Girls Who Code organization, they host guest speakers, and they go on field trips to expose students to the exciting world of technology beyond the classroom.


MakeBU is a student-run group of makers that build awesome projects. We also bring in mentors from various fields and companies so we can learn from their experience and expertise. We want to create a strong platform for students to work on projects and gain practical experience, supplemented by interacting with mentors in our fields of interest.

National Society of Black Engineers

BU NSBE incorporates a chapter mentor program as part of our participation in the NSBE Retention Program through which underclassmen and upperclassmen are paired. This interaction is important because the experience a student gains during their undergraduate career can be valuable to an entering freshman or an under-experienced sophomore. This sort of peer mentoring is beneficial; however, our chapter hopes to further benefit our membership by expanding our Mentor Program to past members of NSBE.

Open Web


Open Web is a student organization at Boston University that was founded in 2014 with the goal to bring highly motivated students together to work on apps and other tech projects. Open Web is an app incubator – a closed organization where students develop projects and apps in small but driven teams.


Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) at BU is an honor society dedicated to promoting excellence in technical and, specifically, computing disciplines. UPE at BU will help prepare members for the professional world after college through professional training, developing concrete and soft skills, and working on meaningful and interesting projects, as well as, provide members with a supportive professional network.

Women in Computer Science


The Women in Computer Science club at Boston University is designed to encourage women in computer science studies by providing a supportive community, informing members about national computing events, drawing a focus on women in technology, offering mentorship via study groups, social activities, networking opportunities and professional events.

Association for Computing Machinery


The Association for Computing Machinery is a nationally recognized organization that is dedicated to keeping computer scientists up-to-date and providing students with a multitude of learning and professional resources. Our BU chapter has some specific goals in mind:

  • Incorporate new/prospective CS students into the BU CS community
  • Provide workshops and resources to CS students that will introduce them to sub-fields of computer science
  • Demonstrate how other fields/majors can be incorporated with computer science to create new and exciting projects (cross-denominational work)professional events.


WiCSThe mission of BUHPC is to form an interdisciplinary team of motivated undergraduates who will compete at various international Student Cluster Competitions. Additionally they aim to motivate all students to learn about the applications and importance of HPC with as much in-depth technical and hands-on experience as possible. BUHPC finds that an undergraduate curriculum somewhat lacks in the ability to expose students to the realities of world around them. This club is out attempt at making our members true “Societal Engineers.”


0xBU is a cybersecurity club and CTF competition team at Boston University. If you’re interested in exploring, and learning about the world of cyber security, then please drop by! No security background is necessary to participate, however a willingness to learn is. We meet regularly every Saturday from 1PM to 3PM in 111 Cummington Mall, Room B26, Boston, MA 02215 (BUILDS room).