BU in SF

The San Francisco Bay Area Internship Program offers students the opportunity to intern in the thriving global center of technological innovation. Offered during summer term, students will live and intern in the San Francisco Bay area. Students participate in an internship and an accompanying course where they will earn four credits upon successful completion.

Requirements & Considerations

  • Open to undergraduate students who meet the following prerequisites:
    • Students must have successfully completed the prerequisite course CS 330 (Introduction to Algorithms) and in addition, have completed at least one programming-based project course. These are courses where the grade depends at least 50% on the programming projects, at the 400-level or above. The student should identify the courses on the application form. Example courses include CS 552, CS 451, CS410, CS 480, and CS 542.
    • Project-based course experience can be substituted with software development skills acquired from previous work or internship experience. In this case, the student should identify such experience on the application form, and may be invited for an interview as part of evaluating the student’s application.
  • Admission requirements for all programs


  • CAS CS 299 Internship in Computer Science (4 credits)
    • Gain an understanding of software engineering as it is applied in practice in the technology industry, including an appreciation of the nature of real-world product goals, uncertain or evolving requirements, and pressure for efficiency and productivity.
    • Gain an understanding of a wide variety of business types and business strategies present in the technology industry.
    • Develop practical skills in entrepreneurship, including proposing or evaluating new business opportunities in the technology sector.

Housing & Student Services

Program Residence

  • Double or triple rooms, shared bathrooms
  • No dining hall available
  • Communal kitchens available in some locations
  • Laundry facilities available (not included in program fee)
  • Communal space at program residence
  • Located near public transportation

Program Dates

  • Summer Term: Late May to early August

Application Deadlines

  • Summer Term: February 15

Cost & Financial Considerations

  • Summer 2018 Tuition & Fees: $8,350
    Cost includes tuition, housing, and program related activities
  • Estimated budget, including cost of living expenses for Summer 2018
  • Financial aid available