Experts In Residence


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Program Overview

The Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences (CDS) at Boston University invites applications for its visiting Experts in Residence (EIR) Program. The program offers individuals with relevant expertise the opportunity to spend up to one year at CDS at BU to lend their knowledge to students and faculty and to pursue projects with the support of student teams engaged in projects and programs supported by BU Spark!, a technology incubator and experiential learning lab within CDS.

Visiting Experts in Residence are accepted on a competitive basis for an annual position beginning in line with the start of an academic semester (Summer, Fall, Spring). In reviewing the inquiries, we take into account each prospective visitor’s professional expertise in interdisciplinary computing topics relevant to the current portfolio of projects at CDS/Spark!, scholarly or professional achievements, areas of interest, institutional affiliations, and proposed collaboration. EIRs should have knowledge of specific technical areas such as data science, machine learning, software engineering, etc. as applied to secondary thematic domains. BU Alumni will be given special consideration. The EIR program is currently looking for applicants who have the requisite computing and data science technical knowledge as well as experience in applying that knowledge to any of the following thematic domains:

  • Criminal Justice: Police, Prosecutors, Courts, Judges, Public defenders, Prisons and Justice Involved Individuals including Juveniles and Incarcerated Individuals.
  • Education: Equity, student performance in K-12, youth development
  • Housing Equity: Housing, Land Use, Real Estate, and Development
  • Elections and Campaigns: voting, campaign finance, redistricting and more.
  • Government/ Urban Mechanics: Government service delivery and management from 311 to transportation, public health, and beyond.
  • Human Trafficking and Forced Migration: global and local immigration issues, exploitation of vulnerable populations, and human security
  • Sustainability: climate, waste, environmental justice, and more.
  • Public Health: infectious disease, gun violence, chronic disease, and more.

Computing and Data Sciences areas of expertise include:

  • Statistics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Human Centered Computing/ User Experience Design
  • Data Visualization

The program considers candidates from a wide range of perspectives, including government, industry, academia, nonprofits, and activism/ advocacy. 


Visiting Experts in Residence will be assigned a student team to work on a project of their choosing through a curricular or co-curricular structure. They will be provided with targeting mentoring opportunities for students working on projects for external partners through the Spark! X-Lab and will have an opportunity to reach a wide range of students through dedicated office hours.  

Experts in Residence benefit from an accommodating place to pursue their work and from an ability to exchange ideas with our faculty, other visiting experts, our partner organizations, our students, and the diverse Boston community. During the program, Visiting Experts in Residence will have the opportunity to:

  • Attend lectures, events, and conferences;
  • Access university resources, including an extensive library; and
  • Connect to faculty, students, and other experts in residence
  • Receive an honorarium of $5,000 per year (3 semesters) for mentoring student teams and hosting office hours
  • Present the results of their project through an event organized by Spark! on their behalf;

While not an expectation, additional opportunities can be provided for guest lecturers, workshops, or other collaborations proposed by the EIR.


Applicants must meet the following criteria and agree to the following commitments:

  • Complete an application
  • Commitment to provide 5 hours per week to mentor 3 student teams affiliated with the Spark! experiential learning program
  • Host weekly office hours (inclusive of the 5 hour/ week commitment)
  • If relevant, approval from their employer to engage in this program
  • Submit a project description with outline of skills needed for student team recruitment


Experts in Residence will be onboarded immediately prior to the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms with a brief orientation to BU Spark!, the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences, and Boston University. These orientations will take place in late August, January, and May. Exceptions may apply.

Application Process

Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis here.

If the appointment is approved, the visitor will receive an appointment as a visiting fellow/ Expert in Residence to BU Spark! and the Faculty of Computing & Data Sciences.