Words of Wisdom for the Class of 2021

As the Class of 2021 transitions to life beyond campus, there are a number of people sharing in their joy. As an integral part of Spark!, alumni reached out to offer words of wisdom for the more than 150 members of the Spark! family who turned their tassels.

Congratulations to you Firestarters, the BU Spark! graduates of 2021.

I am honored to have you join the ranks of BU Alumni alongside me. I am impressed with your adaptability and perseverance through the unique challenges of this year!  

I wish you the best as you launch and hope you carry forward the BU tradition of being part of the most ‘ready to hit the ground running’ graduates across any University. 

You have learned, you have succeeded now go show the world what you have to offer and make us proud!

Alicia Cannon Mullen (CAS/CS ’83, Parent CAS/CS ’19)
  Member, Boston University Board of Trustees 

Dear graduates,


You have hit a huge milestone. You are as prepared as you can be. The last year has been particularly trying, but you have made it. You are ready.

Here are the things I wish for you:

  • That you leap into your life with joyous abandon
  • That you look forward more than backward
  • That when you fail (because we all do), you pick yourself up and leap forward again
  • That you take (calculated) risks
  • That you revel and enjoy a career in technology with all the discovery and fun that it can bring
  • That you accept the responsibility that comes with your creativity and invention
  • That you love with all your heart
  • And most of all, that you are always true to yourself.

You are the future. Be proud. Be fierce. Be kind. You got this!

Rebecca Norlander (CAS/CS A long time ago)
  Chair, Boston University Advisory Board

Congratulations to the class of 2021!

If there is one piece of advice I would impart upon you, it would be to enjoy each moment no matter how big or small. You are entering a new part of your life and it is important to remember to appreciate each step of your journey as life is a marathon not a sprint. You worked so insanely hard to get where you are so make sure you enjoy the fruits of your labor! Life will become more uncertain but that means there are now limitless possibilities for what your life can be. Take life by the horns and have fun!

Jade Sessions (CAS/CS ’19)
  Former BU Spark! Fellow, Full Stack Software Engineer at Halp by Atlassian

I’m not sure I have too much wisdom to proffer except to maybe say that curiosity will get you into the best kind of trouble there is!

Dharmesh Tarapore (CAS/CS ’18)
  BU Spark! Technical Director