Summer Internship

In this role you will contribute to the testing and development of the virtio-fs ( facility. The purpose of virtio-fs is to allow multiple virtual machines to share access
 to a filesystem on the host. It is specifically optimized to take advantage of the virtualization environment, in order to deliver the highest performance possible. You will perform
performance tests in numerous environments, comparing virtio-fs with previous network-based alternatives, as well as with the local filesystem. You will also have an opportunity to
analyze and fix any anomalies found.

 Required Skills:
 –  Ability to work full-time May-August
 –  Currently pursuing a degree in engineering, computer science, or a
 related field; if you have graduated, be no more than 6 months past
 your graduation date
 –  Knowledge of the UNIX or Linux operating system (any distribution)
 –  Coding experience in the C language
 –  Good written and verbal communication skills


Sound like a good fit? Email Vivek Goyal at