The Ethnographic Café is a place for ethnographers to meet across disciplines, generations, and countries. The Café is run by a group of scholars from across academia, including Professor Ashely Mears and PhD candidate Dilan Eren.

The group gathers to talk about all things ethnographic, from history, design, and method to analysis, writing and dissemination. The Café meets monthly on Zoom to discuss a recently published ethnography with its author and convene periodically for special thematic sessions around a salient topic in the practice of ethnography. View upcoming events here.

Continue the online conversation through short photographic essays picturing the field, video interviews of ethnographers sharing the nittygritty of their fieldwork, reading recommendations contributed by the community, and through a directory that will help ethnographers with shared interests to find each other.

The Café aims to stimulate and support the work of a new generation of ethnographers, especially doctoral students, postdocs, and junior faculty, and we hope you will join us in this endeavor.

For a full list of all sociology events, click here.