Refuge: How the State Shapes Human Potential by Heba Gowayed

Virtual Book Launch and Discussion

Free and open to the public

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Thursday, May 12, 2022, 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST

Join the Boston Area Migration Workshop and Boston University Sociology for a conversation between Neda Maghbouleh, Rhacel Parreñas, Victor Ray and Heba Gowayed on her new book Refuge published with Princeton University Press. The conversation will be led and moderated by Nazli Kibria.

As the world confronts the largest refugee crisis since World War II, wealthy countries are being called upon to open their doors to the displaced, with the assumption that this will restore their prospects for a bright future. Refuge follows Syrians who fled a brutal war in their homeland as they attempt to rebuild in countries of resettlement and asylum. Their experiences reveal that these destination countries are not saviors; they can deny newcomers’ potential by failing to recognize their abilities and invest in the tools they need to prosper.

Centering the human experience of displacement, Refuge shines needed light on how countries structure the potential of people, new arrivals or otherwise, within their borders.