We are delighted to share with you the latest accomplishments of our students, faculty, and alumni. We could not achieve all that we do without your generosity!

Thanks to your generous support, we have continued our departmental seminar series, offered expanded support for graduate and undergraduate research, and showcased our honors students’ independent research. A few highlights of the 2023-2024 academic year include:

  • BU Sociology continues its national ascent! Now distinguished as a “top 50” program, BU is ranked in 41st place by US News and World Reports. Click here to view the ranking.
  • Terrific new faculty joined us in 2023-2024. Dr. Jane Pryma, a sociologist of health and medicine who received her PhD from Northwestern and comes to us from the University of Connecticut, joined our faculty in early 2024. We were also joined by Dr. Saleena Saleem, Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, whose research interests lie at the intersection of the sociology and politics of race and ethnicity, religion, and gender, with a regional emphasis on Asia. 
  • In late March, 2023 the department welcomed Dr. Karida L. Brown, Professor of Sociology at Emory University, to give our Annual Morris Lecture.  Dr. Brown spoke on “The Battle for the Black Mind,” bringing to fore how the roots of racial inequality in education continue to bear fruit in the U.S. today. 
  • On April 13, 2023 we organized and hosted a Junior Scholar Symposium on New Approaches to Race & Ethnicity in Global Perspectives featuring 5 scholars from across the country along with discussants Tiffany Joseph (Northeastern University) and Freeden Blume Oeur (Tufts University).  
  • In late October, 2023 in collaboration with the BU Initiative on Cities, the department co-organized the first international conference on gentrification to take place in twenty years.  Faculty members Loretta Lees and Japonica Brown-Saracino hosted around two hundred scholars and activists from around the globe for the multi-day conference, Gentrification & Displacement: What Can We Do About It? An International Dialogue.
  • Our Seminar Series included talks by scholars Jyoti Puri (Simmons University),  Josh Seim (Boston College), Amrita Pande (University of Cape Town), and Emma Zang (Yale University).
  • Several of our faculty won awards in recognition of their contributions to the discipline. Jessica Simes won the National Science Foundation CAREER award which will support a set of research projects and educational initiatives exploring the underlying causes and effects of mass incarceration within communities and neighborhoods across the US.  Deborah Carr won the ASA 2023 SALC Distinguished Mentoring Award. Susan Eckstein was the recipient of the Latin American Studies Association 2023 Kalman Silvert Award for Lifetime Achievement.  Nazli Kibria won the Eastern Sociological Society’s Merit Award.   Neha Gondal received the 2023 College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Education. Cati Connell’s book, A Few Good Gays: The Gendered Compromises behind Military Inclusion, was awarded the Outstanding Book Award for 2023 by the SSSP Division of Sexual Behavior, Politics, and Communities. Ana Villarreal’s article “The Logistics of Fear: Violence and the Stratifying Power of Emotion” published in Emotions & Society last year won the ASA 2023 Outstanding Contribution Award from the Sociology of Emotions Section. 
  • BU sociology graduate students and faculty have received small grants from our endowed Morris Fund. Current grantees are exploring timely topics including labor market inequalities, creator economies, academic gatekeeping and inequalities, and understanding how communities are formed. 
  • A number of our students also garnered awards this year. Last May, graduating senior Nikki Huang won a CAS Alumni Award for Writing Excellence for her Sociology Honors thesis, “Going Global: The Filipino Elite and US Higher Education.” PhD candidate Leping Wang was named as the Sociology Department’s Outstanding Teaching Fellow, Elinore Avni was named a Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellow, and PhD candidate Kazi Mukitul received the Summer 2023 Field Fellowship from BU’s Global Development Policy Center. PhD candidate Meghann Lucy received the 2023 Student Paper Award from the American Sociological Association’s  Consumers & Consumption section for her paper “Divestment as Investment: ‘Kondo-ing’ Selves in the Context of Overaccumulation.” 
  • Our faculty also make frequent appearances in media publications.  Nazli Kibria was published in the Boston Globe, Psychology Today, and Inside Higher Ed. Deborah Carr published a new book Aging in America, and her writing and research also appeared on PBS, and in The Gerontologist, Psychology Today, and the Washington Post, among others. Department Chair Japonica Brown-Saracino was featured on WBUR, and in AOL News, USA Today, and  The 19th about bars for lesbian and non-binary queer communities.  She also published an op-ed on women and homeownership in CityLab. Jonathan Mijs published work in Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, Work in Progress: Sociology, Du Bois Review, and the BU Brink.  Saida Grundy published articles in the Guardian about affirmative action, Florida’s slavery curriculum, and HBCUs.  Heather Schoenfeld appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, and Jessica Simes was featured in the Daily Free Press. Finally,  Loretta Lees’ new course on gentrification was featured in BU Today, and she wrote for the Guardian.
  • We see exciting new innovations in our undergraduate curriculum.  Several BU post-docs, including Molly Richard, Austin Lee, and Tatiana Padilla, are offering courses for us in Spring 2024. And Max Greenberg spent Fall 2023 developing a new course that will provide Sociology credit for internships. CAS SO 499 joins real world experience in social change and social impact work with seminar-based coursework that encourages critical reflection and builds skills of sociological research and analysis.
  • Our faculty-led workshops continue to flourish.  In AY 23- 24, they include: Urban Inequalities Workshop, Migration Studies Workshop, and the Global Health Politics Workshop.