The Team

Natalia Jeff Lauren

Joseph Caputo
Editor, Taming the Seas

A native New Yorker, Joseph studied biology at Sarah Lawrence College before coming to Boston. Since changing cities he created, a site dedicated to science in the Boston/Cambridge area, interned at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, and worked as a science teacher and writer for KnowAtom LLC. In January, he moves again to Washington, DC, where he'll intern at Smithsonian Magazine.For a list of clips, visit

Joseph's Stories: Pavlov's Fish, Salamander Hunt, Tiny Technologies

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Aspasia Daskalopoulou
Editor, Fabricating the Future

A native Greek, Aspasia studied environmental science at the University of the Aegean.  Her love for nature and the environment showed her the way to Boston where she learned how to communicate science to the public in entertaining and creative ways. She interned at NOVA and worked among the best science producers in the TV documentary business. Her passion for documentaries kept her in the United States where she works as an Associate Producer creating documentaries for National Geographic Channel. For a list of clips, click here.

Aspasia's Stories: Growing Plastic, Water Innovations, Limbs from the Lab

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Nuno Dominguez
Editor, Regenerative Medicine

Nuno is from Madrid, Spain,  where he attended high school and later earned a degree in Journalism at Universidad Complutense. Before coming to Boston, he worked as a reporter for La Voz de Galicia, Eccus and Agencia EFE covering science and other beats. He is currently an intern at Harvard's Focus Magazine and a science correspondent with  the Madrid-based daily Publico.

Nuno's Stories: Pavlov's Fish, Off the Grid, 10 Largest Dead Zones, Salamander Hunt

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Natalia Mackenzie
Editor, Innovations for the Poor

Natalia studied Biotechnology in Chile and did her PhD in the Max Planck Institute in Goettingen, Germany. She is now finishing a master in science journalism at Boston University and plans to focus her work on different aspects of science communication. Her special interests are ethics and bioethics, and communicating science to kids.

Natalia's Stories: Nature's Architecture, Water Innovations, Tiny Technologies

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Jeff Meredith
Web Producer

Jeff is a graduate of Indiana University, where he earned a B.A. in journalism and political science. He reported for the Chicago Tribune's DC bureau as a student, and upon graduation, worked for the paper's metro, features and business technology sections. Jeff went on to work for I-Street magazine in Chicago, covering biotech and nanotech startups, and Exchange Monitor, a Washington, DC newsletter publisher covering nuclear waste disposal issues and chemical/biological counterterrorism efforts. He works as a biomedical writer for the Draper Laboratory in Cambridge.

Jeff's Stories: 10 Largest Dead Zones, Lab on a Chip, Self-Healing Concrete

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Lauren Rugani
Web Producer

Lauren hails from Springfield, Mass. and has a B.S. in Physics from Syracuse University. She spent a year and a half writing for photonics-industry trade magazines Photonics Spectra and Biophotonics International before coming to Boston to pursue science journalism. Since being in Boston, she has contribted to and interned at Technology Review.

Lauren's Stories: Off the Grid, Underwater Pharmacy, Nature's Architecture

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