Tree Frogs of Ocelot Pond

by Cory Hatch

Photos of frogs on the brink of extinction.

Sharks: Spies of the Future?

by Cory Hatch

Researcher Jelle Atema uses shark sensory organs to control the animals' movements.

Robot Lobsters

by Elana Hayasaka, Leah Eisenstadt, and Jeremy Miller

Robots designed to look like a lobster, move like a lobster, and act like a lobster.

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Science + Art = Humanity

by Brad Plummer and Amos Kenigsberg

Science and Art... what do the two things have to do with each other? For Sholeh Regna, everything.

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Cape Cod Invaders

by Kelen Tuttle, Cory Hatch and Elizabeth Dougherty

Cape Cod may seem peaceful and quiet, but lurking in the woods is an ominous threat: the coyote.

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