New: All-recovery Meeting for BU Students

Weekly meeting open to all BU students who struggle with addiction, are affected by addiction, or support a recovery lifestyle. All pathways of recovery are embraced here. Fridays, 3:30-4:30 pm, starting September 8, 2023.

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About the Collegiate Recovery Program

The mission of the BU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is to provide a welcoming community where students in recovery from substance use are empowered to advance their academic, personal, and professional potential.

At its core, the CRP connects students in recovery with a substance-free support network of BU students in order to support student wellness and long-term recovery. Members share the common goals to develop long-term sobriety and not use alcohol or other drugs. The CRP is an anonymous group and is not affiliated with any specific recovery program.

Being a CRP member looks like:

  • Social events such as movie nights, trivia, and coffee connections with other students in recovery
  • CRP meetings and other recovery-focused activities like Recovery Book Club
  • Virtual chat forum with other CRP members
  • Recovery education & advocacy opportunities in the BU community (if you choose!)

BU students who are in, or considering recovery, can complete this form or email to connect with the CRP and learn more. All communications are private.

Connect with the CRP

If you’re a BU student in recovery, or considering recovery, connect with the CRP.

Connect with the CRP

Ask a CRP Member

Read more about BU students’ experiences in recovery from the series Recovery at BU.

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Recovery Support Options

The CRP supports the many pathways to recovery, and CRP members are a part of many recovery communities. If you have a question about a recovery community or a particular meeting to attend, please contact us and someone from CRP will reach out to you. Learn more about some recovery support options.

Substance-Free Housing at BU

BU has housing options for undergraduate students that are alcohol and drug-free. Students in the Wellness Housing Specialty Community commit to live in a smoke-free and substance-free environment. BU students can apply for Wellness Housing online and contact BU Residence Life at 617-353-4380 for more information.

Allies & Families

Entering and maintaining recovery can be challenging. Support from allies and family members is important for students who are in recovery, considering recovery, or may be struggling with substance use.

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The BU CRP is a proud member of the New England Collegiate Recovery Collaborative