The Wellness Challenge is a 4-week online program to encourage students to incorporate simple self-care practices into their busy lives. Each week, students receive an email with tips and suggestions about how to look after their wellbeing.

About the Wellness Challenge

We work in collaboration with BU departments and student organizations to tailor Wellness Challenges to meet the unique needs and interests of their students. Some past Wellness Challenge partners include: School of Public Health, School of Law, and Student Government.

After completing a Wellness Challenge, most students shared that they found the experience encouraging and helpful, learned wellness tips they plan to use in the future, and enjoyed the variety of wellness activities. 

Wellness Challenge Tracks

Wellness Challenges can have different tracks, or focuses, depending on what topics would feel most helpful and relevant to your students.

Request a Wellness Challenge

For a Wellness Challenge to run successfully, we ask that you work with a large student population (>200 students). If you represent a smaller student group, we suggest teaming up with other clubs or organizations to request a joint Wellness Challenge. We typically need 3-4 weeks to customize the Wellness Challenge before launching to students.

Request a Challenge

If you have questions, please email