Meet the Terriers who are helping their peers stay well at BU.

The Student Health Ambassadors (SHAs) are peer educators with Wellness & Prevention Services. SHAs are trained by professionals in many areas of well-being such as mental health, sleep, alcohol prevention, sexual health, and relationships. SHAs help develop, deliver, and evaluate wellness programs on campus.

You’ll see SHAs on campus assisting with events and programs, like:

How to Apply

Meet the Student Health Ambassadors


Christian Espino

Health Science, Minor in Public Health, SAR 2019

Public health is a strong passion of mine and by being a Student Health Ambassador I get to work alongside the BU community and do my part to ensure that my peers are taken care of. As a SHA, I get the chance to understand what many students are faced with and use my creativity and leadership skills to help address these issues. In particular, I am most interested in sexual health and racial/ethnic disparities in health. Some of my hobbies include going hiking, watching the latest superhero movie, and wandering through the streets of Boston!

Shivani Arya

Computer Science and Sociology, CAS 2019

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I want myself, as well as other students, to be able to take advantage of the resources the wellness office has to offer. If given the right tools, students can learn to improve their health and wellness, and teach others to do so along the way. I’m looking forward to working with other health-minded individuals and interacting with the BU community. I like to cook, spend time with friends, and listen to music.

Nicole Wehbe

Health Science, SAR 2019

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I wanted to make an impact on campus. As a freshman, I saw myself and my friends struggle to make our health a priority while juggling classes, internships, jobs, and more. However, it is important to make your health a top priority, because that determines your ability to study, work, and interact with others. As a SHA, my goal is to be a resource for my peers and an advocate for issues students are facing on campus. In my free time I love to dance, listen to 90s music, and explore Boston with my friends. You can catch me power walking across campus!

Lauren Banks

Neuroscience, CGS 2019

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I believe that the markers of a “good” college or university are the health and happiness of the students enrolled. I want to be a part of making sure the BU students are enjoying their time on campus both in and out of the classroom, and are staying healthy while doing it. I find providing helpful resources to my friends and peers to be the most fun and efficient way to achieve my goals.

Avsar Rana

Biology, CAS 2020

Personal health is hands down the most important aspect in one’s life especially as a college student. Without it, it becomes extremely difficult to succeed in other areas such as academics and social life. Becoming a SHA has allowed to me to convey the various resources here at BU to the student body in order to make people’s lives easier. Some of my passions include playing tennis and drums, dancing, and doing research.

Teri Clover

Health Science, SAR 2020

My passion for medicine aligns perfectly with the mission of the Student Health Ambassadors. As a SHA, I hope to bring awareness to health-related topics both around and outside of the BU community and to show how health effects every aspect of our lives. My goal is for students to see the importance of a holistic approach to health and to become more involved on campus. When I’m not sleeping in late, I can usually be found exploring Boston, going to plays, binging Netflix, or hanging with friends.

Caroline Jens

Health Science, SAR 2020

I joined the team of Student Health Ambassadors because I wanted to be able to help educate and advocate for my peers in the BU community. College is stressful and it can be difficult for many students to take back control of their physical and emotional well-being; by working in the Wellness and Prevention office, I’m able to develop the resources necessary to help students care for themselves and support each other. In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, reading, and eating carbs.

Avery Ofoje

Cell, Molecular, and Genetic Biology, CAS 2020, Honors Program

I am a Student Health Ambassador because I want to improve health and wellness practices on campus and intensify the discourse surrounding those practices.In particular, I hope to enable well-informed sexual and reproductive choices. I’m passionate about streamlining the connections between students and health and wellness resources and information, and I am so excited to engage the BU community in that effort. I’m a student in CAS and the Kilachand Honors College, and I’m majoring in Cell, Molecular, and Genetic Biology on a pre-med track. In my free time, I love FaceTiming my sister and my dogs, trying new restaurants in Boston, and reading the news.

Rose Zhao

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, CAS 2020, Minor in Business Administration

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I believe that there are many factors that play into an individual’s health, and some aspects of wellness like mental health are often stigmatized and overlooked during treatment. As a SHA I want to bring awareness to the importance of holistic approaches to health as well as facilitate the delivery of resources available to the student body. In my free time, I love working out, cooking, and spending time outdoors.

Matt Walker

Health Science, SAR 2021

I joined Student Health Ambassadors because I am passionate about helping the student body gain access to resources for their mental and physical health. Balancing your academic and social lives all while maintaining your overall well being is challenging, and so as a SHA I feel that I am in a unique position to help as many students as possible achieve that balance. In my free time I enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay cook things, getting lost in cities, and riding at SoulCycle.

Amy Costello

Health Science, SAR 2021

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I wanted to make my voice heard on campus while helping the student body at the same time. I had many of my peers tell me how much trouble they were having maintaining their well-being, both mentally and physically, while at university, and I didn’t want them to be unhappy because of it. Being a student health ambassador is a great way to help educate the student body about how to take care of themselves and others, as well as helping my peers be happier. I am a health science major with hopes of delving into athletic training or physical therapy. In my spare time, I like to look at dessert recipes and watch true crime documentaries.

Allison Zhong

Behavior and Health, SAR 2021

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I wanted to play an active part in changing the way we view mental health on campus, and take steps to improve my own and help my peers improve theirs. By being a SHA, I get to work with like minded people and interact with everyone on campus because a healthy body and mind should be important to everyone. In my free time, I like to watch some really bad TV and cook!

Evan Dann

Biomedical Engineering, ENG 2021

I became a Student Health Ambassador because I’ve learned about the consequences of maintaining poor health while training to be a licensed EMT. As a Student Health Ambassador, I want to impact how the BU community views health-related topics, particularly student mental health. I want to try to shift the conversation about mental health from just being about major mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, to taking care of one’s mind in the same way one exercises the body. Some of my hobbies include travelling and learning about different cultures, learning languages, and working on my next big project in the BU Engineering Tinker Lab.