It’s the hottest Q&A on campus!

What is Sex in the Dark?

Sex in the Dark (SITD) is a Q&A panel where “sexperts” from the BU community answer students’ anonymous questions about sexual health and relationships. The discussion happens with the lights off and the room filled with neon glow!

Questions have covered topics such as:

  • Sexual Pleasure
  • Communication and Consent
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  • Safer Sex and Contraception
  • Sexual Identity and More!

Why do we host Sex in the Dark?

The goal of SITD is to create a sex-positive campus culture by:

  • Providing medically accurate and student-friendly health information
  • Role-playing enthusiastic consent
  • Promoting campus and community resources

Our program evaluation shows that there are several benefits to students, including:

  • 87% of students feel more informed about their sexual health after attending SITD
  • 85% of students are better prepared to talk about sexual issues with a partner
  • 82% of students are more comfortable accessing sexual health resources on campus

Want to host SITD on your campus? Download our Facilitator’s Guide!

Meet the Sexperts (2018)

  • Cherita Cloy, Crisis Intervention Counselor, BU SARP Center
  • Rich Galgano, Associate Director of Primary Care, BU Student Health Services
  • Lola-Ade AkintobiSexual Health Consultant
  • Michal Goderez, Lead Sex Educator, Good Vibrations