Collegiate Recovery Program

The mission of the Boston University Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is to provide a safe and welcoming community where students in recovery from substance use are empowered to advance their academic, personal, and professional potentials.

To fulfill this mission, the BU CRP works toward the following goals:

  • Connect students in recovery to provide a substance-free support network for wellness and long-term recovery
  • Support student achievement across academic, professional, and personal domains
  • Educate students, faculty, and staff about students in recovery

Our vision is to create a collegiate atmosphere, without stigma, where all students in or seeking long-term recovery will receive the support they need to achieve their goals and thrive at Boston University.

The CRP is an anonymous group. Members share the common goals to develop long-term sobriety and not use alcohol or other drugs. BU students who are in, or considering recovery, can complete this form or email to connect with the CRP and learn more. All communications are private.

Recovery & COVID-19

In recovery, connection is important. Being physically apart doesn’t have to mean we’re socially distant. Many recovery communities are offering virtual meetings and resources to help facilitate connection during COVID-19, including the BU Collegiate Recovery Program.

The BU Collegiate Recovery Program continues to connect with BU students who are in, or considering, recovery. If you would like to connect with the BU CRP, please complete the connect with the CRP form, or email Virtual CRP recovery community meetings are available to members.

The recovery community has really come together at this time. Below are just some of the many virtual resources available to folks in recovery. Please reach out to if you have questions about connecting into recovery resources, including private social media pages for folks in recovery.

Connect with the CRP

If you’re a BU student in recovery, or considering recovery, connect with the CRP!

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Recovery Support Options

The CRP supports the many pathways to recovery. If you have a question about a recovery community or a particular meeting to attend, please contact us and someone from CRP will reach out to you. Learn more about some recovery support options.

Recovery Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous – AA meetings held at BU Charles River Campus & Medical Campus
Narcotics Anonymous
Refuge Recovery
SMART Recovery

Recovery Communities

Boston Bulldogs Running Club
The Phoenix – Scober Active Community
Sober Grid

Mental Health Support

If you are a BU student who would like to speak with a mental health provider about your substance use, please reach out to schedule an appointment with BU Behavioral Medicine at 617-353-3569.

Substance-Free Housing at BU

BU has housing options for undergraduate students that are alcohol and drug-free. Students in the Wellness Housing Specialty Community commit to live in a smoke-free and substance-free environment. BU students can apply for Wellness Housing online and contact BU Residence Life at 617-353-4380 for more information.

Allies & Families

Support from allies and family members is important for students who are in recovery, considering recovery, or may be struggling with substance use.

Entering and maintaining recovery can be challenging. Allies can help make recovery more accessible in our community. As an ally or family member you can: take everyday actions to support people in recovery, educate yourself about substance use disorder and recovery, and seek support for yourself if a loved one is affected by substance use.


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