Join our team! Here is a list of our current positions:

Prevention Educators

SARP Prevention Educators will work in collaboration with SARP staff to facilitate prevention programming and evaluation; develop social media and marketing strategies; and curate prevention content and materials. Graduate Students Only.

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SARP Ambassador

SARP Ambassadors are a community of students who work together in the mission to build community, promote sex-positivity, and drive change to prevent sexual and interpersonal violence at Boston University (BU).  They assist in the planning and implementation of SARP events and initiatives, implement programs, provide valuable feedback on campus sexual violence initiatives, and facilitate important conversations with other BU students. Undergraduate Students Only.

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SARP Actor

SARP Actors will work in collaboration with SARP staff to write and perform skits about sexual misconduct prevention at Incoming Student Orientation (ISO).  The skits focus primarily on bystander intervention and exploring how as prosocial bystanders we can intervene in a situation to effect the outcome in a positive way.

Boston University students interested in thinking critically about sexual violence misconduct prevention messaging to incoming Boston University students, and how we can create a safer community, are encouraged to apply. Returning Undergraduate Students Only.

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