From asthma to the flu to skin rashes, our team of expert clinicians has seen it all. We’ll handle your medical concerns with care and sensitivity. We’ll work to remedy your issue as efficiently as possible, though wait time can be longer during peak-demand hours.

    • Urgent healthcare – if you’re not feeling your best
    • Genitourinary concerns (which includes vaginal and penile issues) – routine and urgent care
    • LGBTQ care – for students across the spectrum of sexual and gender identity
    • Minor office procedures – removing a wart or draining an abscess
    • Laboratory tests – performed through our on-site LabCorp Lab
    • Referrals – for a network of specialists in the area
    • Nutrition services – in collaboration with the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

For information about services offered by off-campus providers, like travel medicine and allergy shots, see our Local Health Resources.

For students undertaking international research or educational experiences that involve patient interactions or contact with blood-borne pathogens, please refer to PEP for GME instructions.

Before you can begin your away medical rotation, you will be asked by each rotation location to first fill out at least one medical form. It is essential for you to carefully follow the Away Rotation instructions to avoid frustration and complete the process in a timely fashion.

Taking Care of Yourself

Our wellness resource page offers great tips to making lasting changes to your health and wellness.

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Student Health Insurance Plan

Is the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) your best bet? Use these tools to make an informed decision.

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Patient Connect

Want to make an appointment for primary care, message your provider, or manage your health record?

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