At times, a student needs to interrupt their studies at BU to take care of their health; sometimes for just a few days, other times for an entire semester. According to BU policy, SHS staff cannot write a note to a professor to excuse you from a class or an exam. Students are encouraged to reach out on their own and discuss individual circumstances with their professor.

If a student is experiencing an ongoing medical issue or illness which requires accommodations, they should reach out to Disability & Access Services (DAS), which can help make these arrangements. Students who are experiencing brief or mild issues or illness, such as upper respiratory infections, may reach out directly to their professors if classes or assignments have been missed. If you are considering a leave of absence or withdrawal, please contact the University Service Center immediately to discuss your situation by phone (617-358-1818) or email See “Taking a Leave of Absence” below for FAQs.

Returning From a Leave of Absence?

University policy requires that students interrupting studies for medical reasons complete a review process that is initiated through Student Health Services.  The first step in returning from a Medical Leave of Absence is to complete and submit the required documentation to Student Health Services. You will be notified if you are required to speak with a clinician as part of your return from leave. The University’s Medical Review Committee reviews completed requests for reenrollment once monthly. Deadlines to submit all required paperwork are the 1st of each month. Decisions will come from the Dean of Students at the end of the month they were reviewed in.

Return From Leave of Absence Forms

Visit the USC website to find the return arrangements checklists, deadlines and dates that forms must be submitted by, and the medical review page, to help guide you step by step.

What if I am hospitalized?

Taking a Leave of Absence

Still have questions?

Please call SHS at 617-358-2818 and speak with our clinical case manager.