We want you to feel your best.

Wellbeing doesn’t happen automatically, and it also doesn’t have to mean overhauling your entire life. Small adjustments in your everyday life and routines can make a big difference.

Explore these resources to help you support the different parts of your health & wellness.

BU Behavioral Medicine has also curated information to help you support your mental health.

Academic Resources

There are many academic resources across BU that can help support you academically.

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Community Connection Resources

Finding your community is an important part of the student experience. There are many BU programs and resources to help you find your community.

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Physical Activity & Nutrition Resources

Physical activity and nutrition are important parts of your overall health and can impact how you feel both physically and mentally.

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Sexual Health & Relationships Resources

Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social wellbeing that requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality, sexual relationships, pleasure, and more.

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Sexual Misconduct Prevention & Response Resources

BU is committed to fostering a safe environment where all members of the University substance can work, learn, and thrive.

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Sleep Resources

Sleep is an important factor that impacts our stress, energy, and overall health and wellbeing. Good sleep habits can help you meet your academic and personal goals.

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Stress & Mental Health Resources

Learning to care for your mental health and manage stress are important parts of supporting your overall wellbeing.

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Substance Use & Recovery Resources

We want to provide students with the information and skills to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs, and support students in recovery from substance use.

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