Understanding the challenges of college life through the eyes of peers and other BU students is an important part of feeling connected to a community, whether it’s an opportunity to take advice or not feel so alone in your struggles.

BU PostSecret

PostSecret is a community art project co-sponsored by BU’s chapter of Active Minds and Behavioral Medicine. Students are sent postcards and submit secrets anonymously to be posted in a powerful display across campus.

In Students’ Own Words


A student at BU talks about her anxiety, the challenges she faced, and the campus resources she used to manage it.

Depression and Self-Injury

A BU student shares her personal story about depression and self-harm, and the resources she used to get the help she needed.

Sleep Issues

A BU student talks about how sleep was impacted by his academics and the steps he took to get back on track to good sleep hygiene.

Sexual Identity

A BU student talks about his experience of coming out and how he felt supported by the community, including the clinicians at SHS.

Eating Disorders

A BU student talks about her personal experience with her eating disorder and how she accessed the supports she needed.

Alcohol and Drugs

A BU student talks about alcohol and other drugs on campus and about the resources that are available to students.

ADHD and Attentional Issues

A BU student talks about how he tackled ADHD by using resources available at Student Health.

Sexual Health

A BU student talks candidly about STD’s on college campuses and what the process was to get tested through SHS.