Women in the World 2011

The Anna Howard Shaw Center Presents: Women in the World 2011

Exchanging Our Gifts : Bridge Building and Thriving in Multicultural Ministry

True to its origins, America is still a “melting pot” of cultures. Though political and religious issues surround the topic, it is important to acknowledge and remember the gifts each culture can bring to ministry and to individual lives.

During this annual one-day conference, women and men from all over New England and beyond came together to discuss what those gifts are, how they are presented, and how they can be received.

Although “embracing difference” is commonly preached and occasionally practiced, this conference brings to light the unique gifts that can be exchanged, showcase personal testimonies, and provide inspiration for not simply tolerating differences but wholeheartedly finding appreciation in them.

Exchanges among three knowledgeable speakers, four panelists, a dynamic preacher, an able worship team, and a room full of fantastic scholars, pastors, students, and lay people made the day worth-while and valuable.

Part of the celebration of cultures included a Ten Thousand Villages sale. The company is a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization and is one of the largest fair trade organizations in the world. By selling handmade gifts, jewelry, home decor, textiles, serveware and personal accessories from 38 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East, the company strives to help all those who are disadvantaged.