Spring Semester 2017

Watch those wonderful vlogs made by student My-Ngan Tran about her life and adventure in China.

Spring Semester 2015

Spring 2015 student Dorie Chang shares her experience with a video after she finishes her study abroad, featuring adventures in Shanghai and all over the country, and a lot of food!

Thank you Dorie! We miss all of you.

Physical proof that students stay friends after they go back to BU.

Physical proof that students stay friends after they go back to BU

Fall Semester 2014

We began the fall semester with a trip to Yunnan province to study diversity and learn about rural China.


We stayed with a farming family in the village of Shaxi.  At the local temple, women and children performed for us.

 Pear Orchard Temple Dance Fest

Summer  Term 2014

Another summer  has flown by but the knowledge, experience, and friends gained will stay with us.  Congratulations  to  everyone who committed to mastering a lot of Chinese in a very short time and did this so successfully.  We wish you could stay with us longer and hope some of you will return for a semester program soon.


This summer was cooler than average (I mean the weather but of course it applies to students as well).  It was the coolest summer since 2000!  But we still had plenty of “plum rain” 梅雨季.  A little rain doesn’t dampen the magic of Shanghai though.


For our mid-term cultural education break, we traveled to Sichuan province and visited Chengdu, Emei Shan, and Leshan.

Naturally, we went to the Chengdu Panda Research Center.





We saw the ancient Great Buddha at Leshan.



Li Mingyan  joined our staff as Program Coordinator during the summer term.  She studied International Politics as an undergraduate at Fudan University and a graduate student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  Welcome Mingyan!  She’s pictured on the left while working in Sichuan this summer.


Spring Semester 2014

In May, we bid farewell and good fortune to our Program Coordinator Lisa M. Yu. Lisa has been with BUSA Shanghai since January 2011, and she’s been a invaluable part of our program.  Through the years many students have relied on her work and guidance to accomplish endless things and have countless wonderful experiences. Although she’ll be badly missed, we’re very happy that she’s about to follow her 道 onto new adventures and career successes.  We congratulate her on all she’s achieved during her time with BU, express our gratitude for her devotion to the success of the Shanghai program and its students, and wish her great satisfaction in her future career and life in the United States. Lisa organized our cultural excursions around the city and China.  Here she is on one to Nanjing in the Spring 11 semester. Lisa NJ Sp11

And with our students this semester at the Jiangnan canal town Zhouzhuang. Lisa students

Congratulations to our current student Marco Cuesta, who’s been named a runner-up in Global Programs 2014 Photo Contest.  He took his award-winning picture during our May Day field excursion to the beautiful Chengkan village in Anhui province.


We took an educational excursion to Beijing in April during the Qingming festival holiday. At Gugong, a.k.a. the Forbidden City Buddha hands Nine dragon wall We conquered grueling holiday traffic to have a beautiful day at the Great Wall. GW Blossoms Where ever we go, we find delicious things to eat.  Trying the street food in Beijing hutong alleyways. Munching on street snacks at Houhai in Beijing   Dinner at a local Hutong family in Beijing     In March, we had two special guests visit from Boston University campus: Provost Jean Morrison and Vice President and Associate Provost for Global Programs Willis Wang. It was Provost Morrison’s first time visiting Shanghai.  She had the opportunity to tour the Fudan campus area and visit the BUSA Shanghai office. Students, staff, and program alumni gathered for both lunch and dinner to celebrate the visit of guests from home.  In the evening, we enjoyed the chance to talk and admire the view of the Bund and Pudong skyline from the restaurant Kathleen’s Waitan.