Student Job Service

On-campus supervisors may hire student employees outside of the Federal Work-Study program. These students are paid entirely by the hiring department. The Student Job Service, comprised of Part-Time jobs and Quick jobs, acts as an advertisement service to eligible Boston University students and is not used to hire a student into a position. Once supervisors have decided on eligible candidate(s), they must hire them through Business Link. Please read our information on how to hire a student.

The Student Job Service is open to any student at the university who meets eligibility criteria.

To post a Student Job Service position, use the Post a Job function. If looking to edit a previously existing position, use the Manage Jobs function.

The Job Board

Part-time, long-term positions and full-time summer jobs are listed on the Job Board. Most Job Board listings are submitted by off-campus employers and private individuals, but on-campus supervisors are invited to post their departmental positions as well. When posting a position for an On-Campus department paying through BU Payroll, supervisors are asked to categorize these positions as “On-Campus”.

Boston University students can view Job Board listings through the Student Link.

The Quick Job Service

The Quick Job Service provides opportunities for students to earn quick money by listing one-time or short-term jobs lasting from an hour to a month. Quick Jobs vary from baby sitting and party help to computer programming and home services, and include unique jobs such as market research and focus groups.

Only Boston University students who register with the Quick Job Service may be referred to Quick Jobs. Quick Jobs can be viewed through the Student Link, but students are required to register for the service here.

Students may be given continued access to view Quick Job referrals through the Student Link if they meet the following criteria. To receive this privilege, students must:

  • diligently report back on their Quick referrals
  • be in good standing with the Quick Job Service and its employers