Student Employee Job Responsibilities

Taking a job is a commitment. As a member of a working unit that depends on you, you are expected to:

  • Establish a work schedule that does not interfere with your class schedule.
  • Notify your supervisor in advance of any changes to your work schedule or other commitments that will affect work availability.
  • Give advance notice when unable to work a scheduled shift.
  • Take the job seriously and perform at the highest level of your ability.
  • Treat your supervisor and fellow employees with respect.
  • Dress appropriately for the job location (some work sites have dress codes).
  • Practice good personal hygiene. Be sure to shower or bathe regularly, use deoderant, brush teeth, etc.
  • Report to work on time. Notify your supervisor in advance of any possible delays.
  • Do not conduct personal business on the job.
  • Refrain from using cell phones and personal laptops or tablets while on the job.
  • Take an unpaid half-hour break if working six or more consecutive hours.
  • Accurately report the hours you work. Falsifying your timesheet is a federal offense.
  • Give two weeks’ notice when resigning.
  • If you are a Work-Study student:
    • Monitor your Work-Study award balance in the Work section of the Student Link, under Work-Study Award Information, Employee Time Entry, or View Salary Statement.
    • Notify your supervisor of any changes in your Work-Study award.
  • If you work on the Boston University campus:
  • If you work in an off-campus Work-Study position:
    • Report any workplace accidents or injuries to the Work-Study Manager immediately.

Tip: When you complete a task, don’t assume there’s nothing else to do. Always take the initiative and ask.