Job Hunting Tips

The following are tips to help you on your job search. Contact Student Employment Office staff for assistance and one-on-one inquiries.

Phone and email communication are essential tools for your job hunt. Use these to contact listed employers to apply to the advertised position. Make a good first impression – your application is usually your first introduction with a potential employer.

The application and interview process varies from job to job, for both Work-Study positions and Student Job Service Part-Time jobs. Quick Jobs are typically one-time opportunities that do not involve a formal application, but use your best judgment based on the job description. Some supervisors may request additional application materials, or you may need to complete a separate employment application.

In general, introduce yourself and write an application email with the same formality you would use for a business letter. If you don’t hear back within a week, follow up to the original email to be sure that your original inquiry was received.

If the employer does not explicitly ask for application materials, we recommend that your application consist of the following:

  1. Resume or a summary of skills, academic history, and extracurricular activity
  2. Class schedule or schedule of availability
  3. Brief statement of interest
  4. (If applicable) Work-Study award amount

For intensive resume and cover letter guides, interview practice, or to schedule an appointment with a career counselor, contact the Center for Career Development. They also review resumes and cover letters and hold workshops throughout the semester.

Beware of Job Scams! Watch this informative video on job scams posted by the Federal Trade Commission.