Paying Students

Pay rates for jobs are set exclusively by the employer, although you must at least meet the Massachusetts minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. Student Job Service staff can inform you of the current going rates for most jobs, but the final decision about what rate to advertise is entirely up to you.

Keep in mind that students usually select jobs with the highest posted rates. Your job, therefore, will be filled faster if it pays competitively.

Both employers and students are expected to adhere to the pay rate that is posted on the job listing. Any deviation must be agreed upon by both parties.

All payment for work done is made directly by the employer to the student, immediately upon completion of a job, and, whenever possible, in cash. Business employers should inform students if there will be a delay in payment and whether they will be paid by check. Even when a payroll process is involved, we expect that students will be paid within a reasonable time after completing the job.