Form I-9 error messages and issues – RESOLVED

Updated on 04/24/2024:

Following up on yesterday’s email, the issue documented below is resolved.

Now that we are back to normal operations, please process student I-9s via BusinessLink. If you encounter this issue again, please notify Student Employment immediately.


Updated on 04/23/2024:

We understand the frustration caused by the current I-9 issue, and we are actively seeking a solution. 

To summarize, students can submit section 1 of the Form I-9. The current problem we are experiencing is that the supervisor cannot pull up that data and complete section 2. Both sections are required to be on record for new hire validation, without that validation the student hire cannot be processed. 

This does not seem to affect rehires or students with an I-9 already on file, only new student employees who are being hired for the first time are affected

Until further notice, we are proposing two options to capturing I-9 data. The first is to complete a paper version of the document with the student. I have attached a quick guide on completing the paper version. You will then need to forward the signed paper copy to Student employment via secure email, Datamotion. Attached is a quick guide for completing a Form I-9 paper version.

Alternatively, you may direct the student to the Student Employment Office (881 Comm Ave, 2nd Floor, FirstPoint) to complete a paper version of the document. SEO will update the vendor site using the information captured on the paper version as soon as the site is functioning correctly. 

Unfortunately, this only solves one of two problems. Until the vendor site is operational, NEW student hires who have never completed an I-9 cannot be completed and sent to payroll. We are working on a solution for getting the students into the system for timesheets and payment.

If you encounter a situation where an existing student employee cannot be hired due to an I-9 related matter, please let me know.

I copy of this information will be posted on our website, but feel free to distribute this information to your student supervising staff.

Completing a paper version of the Form I-9 Quick Guide


Updated on 04/22/2024:

Last Tuesday, we learned of an issue with the connection between our Vendor I-9 Compliance and Student Employment systems. The vendor indicated the problem would be investigated and resolved. While they made some progress in re-establishing the connection, the issues persisted.

As of Friday, April 19th, preliminary reports indicated the site was working, and the feed that validates I-9 completion was operational.

Since then, a new problem has developed with the I-9s. From what we’ve gathered, students’ new submissions of section 1 are not showing up on the I-9 dashboard. This issue is preventing supervisors from completing Section 2.

For supervisors attempting to complete section 2 and subsequently any hire for new student employees (Hourly, Weekly Salary, or One Time payments), you will not be able to proceed until we re-establish the connection between the vendor and BU.

If this issue persists beyond Monday, April 22nd, we will update this post and send out instructions with a temporary workaround for completing I-9s.

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