Center for Character & Social Responsibility

The Center for Character and Social Responsibility (CCSR) was founded by Dr. Kevin Ryan in 1989 as the first ethics center in the country to focus on the education of teachers. Built on the belief that character education is an essential and inescapable mission of schools, the CCSR has enabled thousands of educators from rural, urban, and suburban communities to help students develop excellence of mind and character. Believing, too, that a reservoir of moral wisdom exists in great literature, works of art, history, mathematics, and science, the CCSR helps teachers mine curricula for lessons that will inspire students to want to internalize virtues such as integrity, responsibility, courage, compassion, and self-discipline.

An internationally recognized research institute, the CCSR has consulted with school leaders and educators from numerous countries, including Canada, Brazil, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and the Philippines, and it has served as advisor and professional development provider to school communities and several state departments of education in the United States. For more information, visit our website at, call 617-353-3262, or e-mail us at