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Books for Refugees

Rachel L. McCormack (SED'95) gives children fleeing unrest in the Middle East a literary lifeline to home. In early 2016, she founded the US-based Books for Refugees. During the initiative’s first six months of operation, McCormack sent more than 1,000 books to camps and family centers in the Netherlands, Greece, and Turkey.

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Alum Spotlight

Special Ed You Can Dance To

Given the welcoming, inclusive nature of the dance community, Becky Stern—who studied special education at SED—understood that ballroom dance would be an excellent fit for people with special needs. She began imagining a program that would allow adults with a variety of special needs to experience the joy of dance.

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Show Me the Evidence

“Is that a fair experiment?” “Can the data be interpreted in another way?” “Is this enough evidence to support the claim?” Argument is a critical part of scientific discovery, and these are just three of the questions that scientific peers regularly ask. But meaningful arguments like these rarely trickle down to science classrooms. Eve Manz wants to change that.

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News & Notes

Testing Character

Madora Soutter (’17) an SED instructor and postdoctoral fellow, is studying FranklinCovey’s Leader in Me, a character education model with guidelines for coursework, school culture, and more.

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Double the Work, Double the Rewards

For 10 years, I’ve taught at the Rafael Hernández K–8 School in Boston in both English and Spanish. I give writing and reading assessments in both languages, translate school letters for parents, and act as translator in parent conferences. It’s a lot of extra work, and people sometimes ask me, “Why do you keep doing this?”

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Educator in the Spotlight

Sacha Pfeiffer doesn't have a classroom, but she does help educate the public. In 2003, Pfeiffer (MET’94, SED’12) and her colleagues on the Boston Globe’s Spotlight investigative reporting team won a Pulitzer Prize for their exposure of sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests—and a cover-up by Church officials.

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Donor Roster

Thank You, Donors

Ours is a community dedicated to service and positive action. And the many programs and individuals who make this commitment possible could not do their work without the support of alumni like you.

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