Sargent Choice Nutrition Center featured on “Foodie on Campus” Website


During this past spring one of our dietitians at the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center had the pleasure of meeting with a fellow dietitian, Faye Mitchel, and taking her on a tour of the Marciano Commons dining hall. Faye visited Boston University in order to feature the Sargent Choice Nutrition Center on her website, “Foodie on Campus”. The goal of the website is to help high school students learn more about the food at colleges they are looking to apply to. The website can also help prospective students decide on what college they will choose to attend by allowing them to look at the different eating options at certain campuses. The article, featured in the campus shout-outs section, highlights the start of Sargent Choice options in the dining hall and lists several of the most popular recipes. To read the full piece click on the link below.