Our Benefactor

BUSM-Spivack“It’s no secret that early
influences affect children
later in life, but I’ve always
been intrigued by how this
happens neurologically.”

– Jack Spivack

A founding member of the BU School of Medicine Dean’s Advisory Board, Jack Spivack has long been interested in how human behavior is influenced by psychological changes in the developing brain. Spivack made a bequest of more than $7 million to the School to support the Center named in his honor.

“I’ve had the opportunity to observe children of friends and relatives, and I’m convinced that the early, formative years of a child’s life profoundly determine behavior in later years,” said Spivack. “I’ve noticed that parents who are thoughtful, who give their full attention to their children, have the best chance of seeing them turn out to be successful adults. And people who are highly erratic, or who have no time to interact with their children—these kids grow up with emotional and psychological difficulties.”