Our Advising Model

A Collaborative Process

Advising is a collaborative process at Sargent College. We have three academic counselors in the Academic Services Center (ASC) and approximately 40 faculty advisors throughout the College. Your faculty advisors teach in the area of your major and/or are employed in professions that advisees most often pursue. Faculty advisors help with course selection, degree requirements, internship placements, and career advice. The ASC’s counselors can assist you with career issues, counseling, academics, and suggestions designed to help you balance the variety of activities, academic pursuits, and challenges that arise during your academic career. They also help with course schedules and processes beyond the standard curriculum such as changing majors and fitting in minors, dual degrees, study abroad, and other academic opportunities.

Faculty Advisors

Students are assigned to faculty in your major area of study for assistance and advice throughout your academic career. All full-time faculty assist a group of students. You may ask the  department chair for a change of advisor if you feel such a change will improve your advising situation.

Faculty advisors are responsible for:

  • Reaching out to advisees with procedures for making appointments and being available by appointment during office hours when students request meetings
  • Consulting with students who have academic problems
  • Advising students of available Boston University counseling and other services, should they need further assistance
  • Meeting with advisees at each registration period to discuss courses selected by each student
  • Making recommendations concerning all aspects of course selection and graduation requirements
  • Providing post-graduation advising

Academic Counselors

Roz Abukasis is an academic counselor who advises College of General Studies (CGS) students who continue into Sargent and prospective intra-university transfers. She serves as advisor to the Peer Mentor Program. She is also the Sargent Staff Advising Representative to the Advising Network Committee and is a Terrier F1rsts Advocate.

Heather Nicholson is an academic counselor who advises Sargent freshmen and undeclared students and meets with prospective students. She is responsible for admitted first-year student events, runs orientation for incoming freshmen, and serves as an advisor for the Dean’s Hosts and Student Council. Heather advises students who are interested in studying abroad or declaring a minor and is the instructor for the SAR HP150 First-Year Experience Seminar.

Erin Phair is an academic counselor to sophomores, juniors and seniors. She meets with outside transfer students to evaluate their credentials and offers professional development seminars in collaboration with the Sargent College Alumni Association and the Assistant Dean of Development and Alumni Relations.  She serves as co-advisor to the Peer Mentor program and advises the Sargent College Honor Society.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors are an integral part of the Sargent advising model. They serve as models and guides for incoming Sargent students. Peer Mentors correspond with incoming first-year and transfer students before they arrive on campus and offer a number of events during the academic year that highlight academic tips, opportunities, and resources that help students feel connected to the Sargent community.